Wool Industry Emergency Animal Disease Preparedness


The Australian wool industry places great emphasis on its preparedness to deal rapidly and effectively with an emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreak should it occur. The Federation of Australian Wool Organisations, Australian Wool Innovation and WoolProducers Australia play lead roles in doing the necessary background research, planning and capacity building to ensure the impact of any EAD outbreak will be minimised.

Scott has provided technical support and program management services to Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations (FAWO) in emergency animal disease preparedness since 2013.

Part of this role was to prepare an Australian Wool Industry Emergency Animal Disease RD&E Strategy. The second edition of this strategy, covering the period 2016/17 to 2018/19, was published in 2016 by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd. It can be downloaded from the AWI website, available here.