Horticultural Industry Strategic Investment Plans

Forest Hill, in conjunction with Miracle Dog and Oliver & Doam, have prepared strategic investment plans for several horticultural industries between 2016 and 2019: olive, citrus, table grape, dried grape, dried prune, processing tomato and nashi.

The plans were commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia, the R&D and marketing body for Australia's $9bn horticulture industry. Typically, the planning process involved:

  • The preparation and distribution of a discussion paper analysing available production and market data
  • A stakeholder workshop or workshops to review the state of the industry and identify investment priorities
  • One-on-one consultations with growers, processors and other industry players
  • Preparation of draft and final plans in consultation with Hort Innovation's Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the industry.

The various strategic investment plans are available for download from the Hort Innovation website.