Fisheries Research & Development Corporation Partnership Review

Forest Hill, in conjunction with Miracle Dog, undertook a review for the Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC) of its stakeholder partnership models in 2019-20. FRDC’s operating environment is complex in comparison with other research & development corporations. The organisation works for multiple individual industries, which range enormously in size and needs. FRDC funds both commercial and public good projects including those relating to Indigenous and recreational fishing. Importantly, much of its funding comes from state and territory governments, not the industries directly.

The review involved:

  • A desktop review of key documentation and a scan of the engagement models of other RDCs
  • External stakeholder consultation through a survey and series of one-on-one discussions
  • Testing of ideas with FRDC management
  • Presentation and discussion of a draft report and recommendations with the FRDC Board and a stakeholder workshop
  • Preparation of a final report.

The project also examined FRDC’s extension and adoption function and made recommendations for improvement.

A full description of the project and the final report can be viewed on the FRDC website.